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Youthful Skin, Reduce Fine Lines, Facial V-Shape, Reduce Underarm Sweat and Odor.





Satisfaction of result. Youthful Skin. Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles. Facial V-Shape. Individual results may vary.

Muscle relaxants active and dissipate. The strength is depended on dosages. Muscle relaxants active and dissipate is long been used to treat eye and muscle symptoms. Low dosages are used in aesthetic treatments.

Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Muscle relaxants active and dissipate helps to reduce fine lines caused by facial expression for examples; crowfeet, forehead, between eyebrows, adjust facial frame, eyebrows. Individual results may vary.

Facial V- Shape

Angular face, Large Masseter muscle, Bruxism, Uneven bite, Sticky chewing the cause of enlarge jaw muscles. Muscle relaxants active and dissipate injection reduces the appearance of angular jaw without cosmetic surgery. Individual results may vary.

Reduce Underarm Odor

Sweat is the cause of odor. Muscle relaxants active and dissipate inhibits Acetylcholine which can reduces sweat and odor. Individual results may vary.

Advice after receive treatment

Receiver is able to perform regular work normally. Should not lay down flat in the first 4 hours after injection. No massage on treated areas. You may apply cream, wash face and do make up. No facial massage, rough facial treatment. No laser.  Avoid alcohol consumption, heat, exposure to strong sunlight and sauna. A small bruise at the injection site will disappear within one week .

**If swelling or pain increases, please consult your doctor.

**Individual results may vary.

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