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Androgenic Alopecia in Male


Having confidence is the key to success and get well respect from peers and business partners. It cannot be denied that having a great look from head to toe especially having a great hair will bring more self-confidence and happiness.

ผมร่วง ผมบาง ในผู้หญิง

Woman Hair Loss


First Start: Stimulate New Hair Growth and Diminish Hair Loss Drug and Hair Tonic

*** Hair regrowth treatment needs at least 4 month continuously.

The first 2 months require patience. The drugs will control variable factors that cause hair loses. The rate of hair loss might be comparable to the rate of hair growth, therefore during the first 2 months you may still have hair loss.

3rd month into treatment the drugs are able to steadily retain hair loss. The development of new hair growth becomes more visible with sign of newly short hair.

4th month, from now on, amount of new hair growth will increase and hair will be longer and thicker obviously.



Maximum Duration of Treatment
People with thin hair or bald may require 2 years or longer of continuous treatment.
In middle age with thin hair in central area or a retraction of the front hair line may require 1 ½ – 2 years of continuous treatment.


Tail Off Drugs or Stop Drugs 
Principle: Doctor will gradually decrease dosage until discontinue of drug after maximum duration of treatment is reached (a period when you have taken variety forms of drugs; pills, hair spray, shampoo to counteract hair loss and speed up hair growth until maximum effect achieves in the highest amount, the strengthen, the length, and thickness of hair). At this time tail off drugs or stop drugs also will be prescribed to gradually slow down the growth of new hair. Tail off drugs or stop drugs function to retain amount and condition of existing hair and to prevent hair loss to return. That is why it is also called “Tail Off Drugs or Stop Drugs”.


Maintenance Drugs (Medication to prevent recurrence) 

Before discontinuing tail off drugs or stop drugs, doctor will prescribe another medication to maintain hair thickness so that it will last as long as possible. The dosage of this drug is 1 ½ pills per day. The drug is very effective and also safe for long term consumption.

***However several years after stop taking hair regrowth drugs, thin hair may reoccur. How soon it may come back depends on factors such as
1.   Patient Age
2.   Male Hormone
3.   Heredity
4.   Treatment result before discontinuing of drugs
5.   It is highly recommended to continue taking tail off drugs or stop drugs and maintenance drugs as long as possible or at least 2 months each.


–   The hair regrowth and diminish hair loss drugs, tail off drugs or stop drugs and maintenance drugs are taken after meal time.
–   If you forget any dose, you may resume medication immediately.
–   It is very vital to focus on fulfilling full dosage.
–   Hair spray and shampoo can be applied even after you are off medication.

**Individual results may vary.