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Grow Eyebrow, Mustache, Beard, Sideburns, Chest, Belly Hair


1. Oral Drugs (main treatment): Oral drugs will stimulate new hair growth and diminish hair loss.

The starting dose cost for the first month     1,700 baht / month

The intensive dose cost for the next month     2,200 baht / month

2. Male Hormone (oral drug)     1,140 baht / month

3. External Drugs: they can be used as long as you prefer.

Three types of External Drug:

– Hair Growing Lotion (accelerate hair growth)     980 baht

– Revital Hair Tonic Lotion (nourish and strengthen hair roots)     300 baht

– Moisturizing Cream (reduce shredding and itchy skin and speed hair growth)     300 baht

The complete set cost for the first time is 4,420 baht

*** Oral drug will stimulate new hair growth and diminish hair loss. External drug will nourish and strengthen the existing hair. It is highly recommended to take both drugs for the best result.

Direction: How to use  drugs for growing mustache, eyebrows, beard, sideburns

1. Oral Drugs: Take after meal according the instruction circled on the labels. Oral drugs are the principle treatment that must be taken regularly every day. Complete courses daily. It is okay if you miss the time, just take them as soon as you remember.

2. External Drugs: There are 2 types of drug solutions (Hair growing lotion and Revital hair tonic lotion). No particular order is necessary. Apply a solution then follow by the other. Last step apply Moisturizing cream. These external drugs should be applied everyday, 3-4 times a day. The more frequent applied the more effective results will show. This will accelerate hair growth. Apply hair growth solutions and cream where you desire hairs to grow.

**Individual results may vary.



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Oral Drugs and External Drugs

  • 1The starting dose cost for the first month   1,700 baht/month
  • 2The intensive dose cost for the next month   2,200 baht/month
  • 3Male Hormone (oral drug)   1,140 baht/month
  • 4Hair Growing Lotion   980 baht
  • 5Revital Hair Tonic Lotion   300 baht
  • 6Moisturizing Cream  300 baht