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What is Yoyo Effect?


When a target weight is reached this may occur:

After losing certain amount of weight and reach a target weight your body will automatically adjust the metabolism process, storing some calories and water to maintain a good balance. Body weight may increase but no greater than 10% of the weight that you just lost when good control of calories maintains. No matter what weight loss methods you use the increase of 10% is possible.

But if you cannot control the calories intake, start eating more, the body weight may increase more than 10% of what you lost previously. The increase of 10% of body weight gain is what called Yoyo Effect

Yoyo Effect can occur to anyone as we explain previously. It does not only happen with weight loss pill,  Yoyo effect can occur in any methods used to control the weight.

To stop the weight gain raises further than 10% you must take STOP DRUG and MAINTENACE DRUG to control and prevent the increasing 11th, 12th, 13th…percents in the future.

For the most benefits and safety, Weight loss drug, Stop drug, Maintenance drug are prescribed by doctor to minimize the side effects or prevent the side effects.