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Why am I on the same diet and do exercise similar to friends but I gain weight more easily than others?

Are you sure that Input and Output between you and your friends are equa?

If we do not do yourself a favor, check before Input. Input is a very big matter. Eat dessert and drink flavored water containing high sugar ? Output is also a secondary matter if we do not Input > Output own body weight to increase it?

Try a strict control Input and Maximize Increase Output more.

Heredity also plays an important part in weight control. If someone in your family is overweight, has a big structure, big skeleton, it is likely that you are to be the same .

To view obesity in a broader view you must consider the height of the person too.


General guideline of weight in genders

Male Height (cm) – 100 = weight.

Female Height (cm) – 110 = weight.