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Why I can’t lose weight. Please give me advice

The truth about weight loss is the balance between Input and Output calories. Input Calories come from what you eat and the Output Calories expense via respiratory, metabolism, living and working activities include exercises.

If Input > Output   Weight increases

If Output > Input   Weight decreases

If you would like to reduce the weight, you must strictly control the input calories and increase output energy.

Strictly Control Input

  • Eat 1-2 meals per day. Not 3-4-5 meals.
  • Consume varieties of colored vegetables, soup
  • For noodles, eat small amount of noodles and add more vegetables. Avoid oil.
  • Try to have one dish. Food set with many dishes on the table is likely to be difficult to control.
  • Have low-carb-diet such coarse rice. Noodles are okay but do not have too much.
  • Avoid protein meat, pork, chicken.
  • Craving for protein. Consider fish or crispy small fish which has high calcium.
  • Avoid fatty food and sweet dessert.
  • Drink plain water. Sugary drinks are no good.
  • Certain fruits such as mango, oranges have high sugar. Please avoid.
  • Consider switching to substitute meal instead of having a full meal.

Maximize Increase Output

  • Jump, rope jump, biking.
  • Join Fitness make some friends
  • Play sports that you enjoy, you are likely to have more fun and continue workout in the long term. You may increase the intensity of your workout, which depends on individuals’ fitness.

Drugs use: There are fine details in drug usages that only doctor can prescribe. 

  1. Appetite suppressant
  2. Increase metabolism burn calories
  3. Laxative
  4. Diuretic
  5. Reduce absorption

Sudden substantial weight loss may cause fainting.

Moderate weight loss is safe when you are in good health.

Slow weight loss is discouraging in a long run because you may lose the motivation and discontinue the goal.


Lyposuction is used in specific areas of the body to slim and reshape specific areas. The technique is used concurrently with other weight loss methods. It is not weigh loss substitution.

During fasting if you lose weight too quickly, even for a healthy person, you may look tired or weak which is typical. As you reach desire weight and control strict diet for a while your body will slowly able to adjust. Therefore, eventually, your appearance will return to a healthy good looking person. Soon people will start to notice the change and start asking you questions how you did it? where did you go? what is your secret?

On a weight loss journey you should rest and drink plenty of water concurrently with control output calories greater than input calories. This will help you feeling fresh and clear.

Fitness is essential to weight loss. Exercise consumes great energy expenditure as well as promote building and firming muscle mass which will make you look good.

Conclusion: good results born of a good collaboration between patients and doctor. Patients need to be determined, have a will to lose weight and wiling work together with skilled doctor to achieve desire results. Doctor will provide you with his best knowledge of food nutrients, sport medicine, encouragement, mental support, and drug usage.