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Get a naturally flawless skin by the treatments of acne, atrophic acne scars, dull skin and hyperpigmentation (melasma, freckles, dark spots and etc.)
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Acnes and Scars Treatment Program

Acnes and Scars Treatment Program

Facial treatment program for acnes, dark spots and acne scars

Stop worrying about acne problems, acne scars and dark spots because Thonburi medical center has a facial treatment program to solve all those problems whether it be comedones, inflammatory acne and redness or dark spot. You will get a better facial skin condition.

      Acne treatment such as Comedones and Inflammatory acne
      Dark spots and acnes scars
      Get rid of oily skin and the cause of acnes

What will you get if you take an acne treatment from Thonburi Medical Center?

      An approved medical product and medicine
      Taking care of all patient’s cases by the specialist doctor
      Following-up a result closely
      The doctor has an experienced in acne treatment more than 20 years
      Our customers can regulate the cost of the treatment program and make their own personal plan for the treatment with the specialist doctor
      Using the advanced medical equipment to give our customer a full-service facial treatment

The cause of acne problems can be anything that you do not even think of! More information about acne problem by Dr.Jo

Review: Unbelievable result but real!!! Khun Peach Panicha and her reviews after getting an acne treatment program.

The process of acne, acne scar and hyperpigmentation treatment program

  • Oral medicine

    In some cases, a patient has to take a medicine along with the treatment to help facial condition get better and the doctor will take responsibility for individual diagnosis.

  • Drug for external use

    There are 2 types of external medicines.
    -  Acne treatment product: Apply an acne treatment cream on the acne spot and the cream will reduce sore acne.
    -  Dark spot removal product: Apply a dark spot removal cream on dark spots and the cream will fade the dark spots and acne scars faster.

  • Acne treatment product set

    -  Dr.Jo Gentle Cleanser: A gentle cleansing gel helps to get rid of dirtiness and oily skin deeply and also reduce the cause of acne problem.
    -  Dr.Jo Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++: A high-quality and gentle sunscreen that avoid clogged pores.

  • Facial Treatment Program

    Acne Treatment Program: The treatment of acne and acne scars program and get face scanning for free, let you know your facial skin conditions.

    More information about facial treatment program (click here)

Reviews of facial treatment program

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**The result is depending on an individual condition**

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1.Why do we recommend our facial treatment program at TMC?

We provides full services of facial treatments such as making your facial condition get better and brightening dull skin. We can guarantee the result of treatments from our customer reviews.

2.How much does it cost for an acne treatment program?

The cost of facial treatment program for acnes, dark spots and acne scars is 2,400 baht per month.