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Aesthetic laser and health check-up program which helps you check the balance of human body systems by allergy blood test.
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Blood testing for sensitivity, allergy or intolerance to food

Blood testing for sensitivity, allergy or intolerance to food

Allergy Check! If your health keeps getting worse, you probably have an allergy without knowing!

Allergy test determines whether your immune system overreacts to allergens. The process is letting your body produce antibodies to fight allergies and if you have an allergic reaction, it means you have an allergy. After knowing about allergens that make you have an allergy, you should avoid them to protect your health for improving your health better without using medical treatment. 

Are there any symptoms of allergy?
Allergy symptoms will appear when your body reacts against some kind of foods which probably make your body think that they are antigen, so your body makes antibodies to fight them. The above reactions are the cause of allergy symptoms and there are 2 kinds of the symptoms as follows:

      IgE Antibodies or Immunoglobulin E 

    This type of allergic symptoms will react quickly and intensely such as itchy rash, face swelling, mouth swelling and breathing problems. The allergy mentioned above can be a chronic disease. There are 2 types of allergens as follows:

    1. Food such as dust, animal hair or fur and dust mites.
    2. Environment such as egg, nuts, milk and seafood.

    There is an allergic blood test for 35 allergens and 45 allergens which are in the below table.

      IgG Antibodies or Immunoglobulin G Antibody

    This type of allergic symptoms is also known as food intolerance and it probably not always be immediate. The symptom probably takes about a week or a month to appear, so that makes people barely know whether they have a food intolerance and keep doing the same eating behavior. The eating behavior without knowing about a food tolerance probably stimulates too much IgG production which cannot be reduced. Having too much IgG in your body will be the cause of symptoms such as; chronic headache or migraine, mood swing, insomnia, Indigestion (an upset stomach) and having a stuffing nose.

    There is a food intolerance test for 222 allergens which has sample 200+ allergens in the below table.

    Food Allergy vs Food Intolerance

The process of food and environmental allergy test at TMC
    • Doctor consultation

      A doctor will ask about a patient profile such as; medical history, allergic history, past and present illness and medication.

    • Drawing blood

      An experienced staff draws your blood from a vein in your arm and brings your blood to the laboratory.

    • Receiving result of the blood test

      Basically, the result of the blood test will come out within 7 – 14 days, so our patient can both receive the result themselves at the clinic and receive the result through the online platform.

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