Oral Drugs (Main Treatment) compose of

1. Drug to resist the process of hair loss (signs include fewer in numbers, thinning hair, atrophy of hair root, low density of hair)

2. Drug to stimulate new hair growth

3. Herbs such as Centella Asiatica, Saw Palmetto

4. Vitamins such as vitamin A, B, C, D, and E

5. Medications and antioxidant supplements such as GLA, Primrose Oil, Co Q10

6. Various minerals such as Iron, Calcium and Zinc

All ingredients combined together, the component is currently the best formula (Cocktail Drugs) that gives the best result on safety margin.

The duration of hair loss, hair thinning and baldness treatments will begin to take an effect after 2 months. It is highly advised that patients should remain in medication for at least 4 months to allow development of new hair growth from small to medium and larger respectively.

The rate of success in continuing medication without lacking will be much higher than taking medication on-and-off periodically.

External drugs
(which work on specific areas “Local Effect”) should be prescribed together for the best result.

1. Hair Shampoo: decrease hair loss; consist of Ketoconazole that kills fungus, nurish hair; consist of Gingseng and Pro Vitamin B5

2. Tar Shampoo: anti-dandruff, improve scalp condition and reduce itchy scalp

3. Selenium Shampoo: anti-dandruff, improve scalp condition and reduce itchy scalp

4. Hair Growing Spray: stimulate new hair growth; consist of 3% Minoxidil Solution

5. Intensive Hair Tonic Spray: supply nutrition to hair roots and decrease hair loss

6. Moisturizing Cream: reduce shredding and itchy scalp and speed up hair growth

Maximum Treatment Duration
In elderly or very thinnig hair is ≥ 2 years.
In middle age or moderate hair loss is ≥ 1 ½ years.
In adolescent or modest hair loss is ≥ 1 year.  

**Individual results may vary.

เพิ่มเส้นผม   เพิ่มความมั่นใจ
Improve Hair   Improve Confidence

– Thonburi Medical Center