1. The new hair is real, therefore, the progression of hair growth will take approximately about 1-2 months. (In the first month you still have the old hair loss, after that it will diminish hair loss in the second month.)

2. The length of new hair will grow out around in the fourth month.

3. Hair growth treatment needs at least 4 months of consecutive treatment.

4. Oral drug can be taken up to 24 months without causing any harm. It will promote, strengthen, and lengthen hair growth and diminish hair loss.

5. You may stop taking drugs once you are satisfied with the result, but highly recommend to take tail off drugs as long as possible or at least 2 months after you stop taking hair growth drugs to nourish and strengthen the existing hair. It is safe for long term consumption.

6. Before discontinuing tail off drugs, highly recommend to take maintenance drugs as long as possible or at least 2 months to maintain hair thickness. It is safe for long term consumption.

7. Never use a razor blade to shave because it causes damage to your hair.

8. Use scissors or electric shaver to style your hair once the new hair grows long. (Having long hair does not cause hair loss.)

9. Oral drugs are prescribed to the individual based on individual needs.

10. Each drug has different level of strength. It is best to come to see a doctor for examination rather than asking others to buy for you.

11. Slight swelling may appear under eyelids in some case due to the increase of blood circulation at the scalp.

12. Please be patience and persistence during consecutive treatment are very important in order to achieve the best results.

* Abrupt discontinuation of medication is not recommended.

* Gradually tail off medication is best recommended.


* Hair loss still may occur in the first 2 months due to an unsteady drug level.
* If follow medication compliance, hair loss will gradually decrease after the first 2 months while new hair will gradually start to grow.


**Individual results may vary.

เพิ่มเส้นผม   เพิ่มความมั่นใจ
Improve Hair   Improve Confidence

– Thonburi Medical Center