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Tattoo Removal with YAG Laser

Tattoo Removal with YAG Laser
Tattoo Removal with YAG Laser

YAG laser or Neodymium-Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet is a highly effective laser for removing tattoos. YAG laser is a laser used to treat pigmentation, melasma, and abnormal skin coloration, as well as tattoos. This is because this type of tattoo penetrates deep into the dermis.

YAG Laser is a laser with a wavelength of 1,064 nanometers. The laser targets the deep layer of skin where the tattoo pigment resides. It is suitable for black and blue tattoos and has the ability to efficiently remove tattoos by breaking down the tattoo pigment. The laser breaks down the pigment, which is then eliminated from the body naturally. As a result, the tattoo fades away.

How Many Sessions are Needed to Remove a Tattoo with YAG Laser?

Generally, it takes about 3-7 laser sessions depending on the amount and type of pigment.

Duration of Each Session to Remove a Tattoo with YAG Laser

The time required to remove a tattoo in each session is approximately 5-10 minutes, depending on the size of the tattoo.

At Thonburi Medical Center, the starting price for removing a tattoo with YAG laser is only 999 baht per session (prices vary depending on the size of the tattoo).

If you decide to remove a tattoo, it is recommended that you do not buy any liquids to remove it yourself, as it may be dangerous and cause scars. It is best to consult a specialized physician for tattoo removal. This can be done on any skin type, has a quick recovery time, and visible results can be seen after only 1-2 treatment sessions.

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