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Facial Treatment Program

Facial Treatment Program


9 steps to win 3 problems, Facial Treatment Program

Our customer can choose the treatment programs by themselves for solving their problems accurately.

  • Whitening Treatment

    The treatment program uses rich AHA or Vitamin C to recover face skin through getting rid of deadly cells and boosting vitamin into skin. This treatment helps to fade melasma, freckles and hyperpigmentation away and also brighten dull skin.

  • Acne Treatment

    The treatment program helps to solve all the acne problems such as various types of acnes and acne scars. The process of this treatment is using a high frequency to get rid of deadly skin cells and using Clindamycin to reduce acne inflammation and Comedones.

  • Wrinkle Treatment

    The treatment program removes wrinkles and improves skin hydration to face skin. Boosting collagen can reduce little wrinkles to make your face look smoother and brighter and also help to firm up wrinkles.

    Step 1: Scan face skin condition (Face Scan)
    Face scanning is the process that lets you know your facial skin conditions. There are face skin hydration diagnosis, pores size diagnosis and skin tone diagnosis.

    Step 2: Clean dirtiness in pores (Ion Gun Pen)
    Cleaning dirtiness in pores is the process that prepares your skin before going to the next step.

    Step 3: Get rid of damaged skin (Shovel Knife)
    Getting rid of damaged skin is the process that makes your face skin look smoother and brighten your face skin.

    Step 4: Remove dirtiness in pores (Ion Bubble Pen)
    Removing dirtiness in pores is the process that removes Comedones and blackheads entirely.

    Step 5: Scrub facial skin (Facial Scrub)
    Facial skin scrub is the process that exfoliates dead skin and give you a smoother and brighter skin.

    Step 6: Infuse vitamin (Ultrasonic)
    Vitamin infusion is the process that infuses vitamin into skin by Ultrasonic which is an equipment that helps vitamin infusion work better. This process can recover skin deeply.

    Step 7: Boosting collagen in the eyes area (Gold head)
    Boosting collagen in the eyes area is the process that makes skin around your eyes look brighter.

    Step 8: Massage facial skin (Ice/hot head)
    Facial skin massaging is the process that uses hot and cold massager to improve facial cream getting into skin deeper and blood circulation working better.

    Step 9: Use a face mask (Mask)
    Face masking is the process that has a various type of masks for curing your face properly.

How long does it take for a facial treatment program?

It takes around 1 hour for 1 course of treatment and the cost is 1,990 baht/time.

Asking Khun Auu Thongchai about his feedback after getting facial treatment from Thonburi Medical Center

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1.Why do we recommend our facial treatment program at TMC?

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