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Improve and maintain your sexual health to solve all the sexual problems such as Erectile dysfunction, treatment of Hormonal imbalance and Cross-sex Hormonal therapy.
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Improving Sexual Health and Firming Pelvic Muscle with TMC Health Chair

Improving Sexual Health and Firming Pelvic Muscle with TMC Health Chair

TMC Health Chair, an advanced technology that uses an electromagnetic wave in the process. (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) This treatment is not surgery and it is a painless treatment so, all the process is sitting on the machine for a few minutes and you do not need to get a recovery time. After getting the treatment, you will get a stronger and firmer pelvic floor muscle. Moreover, your sexual health will get better by the treatment as well.

The results of TMC Health Chair therapy

      Urinary incontinence and Fecal incontinence therapy.
      Both men and women can get the treatment.
      Improve posture for a healthy back
      Get a better sex life

How does the TMC Health Chair work?

TMC Health Chair uses a high electromagnetic wave to penetrate pelvic floor muscle directly. The electromagnetic wave will stimulate muscle contraction in a Supramaximal Contraction way which is a better muscle contraction than some types of working out. This process will make your pelvic floor muscle get firmer.

How is the process of TMC Health Chair therapy for pelvic floor muscle?

TMC Health Chair therapy takes 30 minutes per course. The process of the treatment is sitting on the machine comfortably and you do not need to take off any clothes, then the machine will start to work and tighten your pelvic floor muscle without surgery. The process of the machine will contract your pelvic floor muscle which is the same process as Kegel Exercise for 11, 200 times.

How many times should you get TMC Health Chair therapy and how long will the result come out?

You should keep repeating TMC Health Chair therapy for every week which is 1 – 2 times per a week. The obvious result will come out after you keep getting the treatment more than 6 times.

Trying for the first time gets a special price at 1,599 Baht. (The normal price is 2,499 Baht)

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