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RF-Lift (Radio Frequency)

RF-Lift (Radio Frequency)
RF-Lift: Shrinking pores, brightening face skin and tightening sagging skin

Non Surgical face – lifting by Superpulse RF technology, which is the facial treatment technique for sagging skin in areas such as; face, cheeks and sagging chin. This treatment also boosts collagen to shrink pores, brighten skin and firm sagging skin without getting surgery. Moreover, RF-Lift can give a younger-looking appearance naturally.

What is RF-Lift or Superpulse RF technology?

RF-Lift (Radio Frequency) uses radio waves to heat the deep layer of skin and reach a subcutaneous fat layer so during the process of RF – Lift, under your skin will receive the heat in a range of 40 to 42 °c. The heat will shrink and boost collagen to tighten face skin and dissolve fat face to shrink pores but during the rf-lift process, you will only feel warm from the heat and the heat will not hurt you at all.        

What is the difference between RF-Lift vs HIFU?
  • RF-Lift uses radio wave energy to stimulate the layers of skin and reach the subcutaneous fat layer for tightening sagging skin and boosting collagen. RF-Lift also helps to brighten skin and if you want to keep your skin firm, you should keep getting RF-Lift every 1 – 2 weeks continuously.
  • HIFU uses ultrasound energy which is able to reach deeper skin layers than radio frequency (RF). This treatment can reach as deep as the SMAS layer of the skin which is the same layer as face lifting surgery so face-lifting by HIFU will last for 6 – 12 months. This treatment is a good choice for people who focus on face-lifting and tighten sagging skin

What should you do before and after getting RF-Lift?

Before and after getting RF-Lift within the first 24 hours, you should drink plenty of water. After finishing the process of RF-Lift, you will feel that your face skin gets firmer and you probably get some red spot on your skin but it will fade away within 15 – 60 minutes. RF-Lift barely affects your daily life, so you can do activities such as; applying facial cream, wearing make-up or using facial sunscreen, regularly.  

How many times should you get RF – Lift?

After you get RF – Lift for the first time, you should create a distance for a week. However, you can keep getting the treatment as much as you want for increasing skin firmness.

The result of RF – Lift Technology

      Face skin gets tighter by face-lifting
      Improve wrinkles
      Stimulate blood circulation working better, so your skin condition will get better and brighter
      Shrink pores to make face skin look firmer

    Review : “I feel that my face skin looks brighter.” feedback from Khun Graphic Rachawist after getting RF – Lift.

    **The result is depending on an individual condition **

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