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Weight Gain Program

Weight Gain Program

“Why can’t I gain weight even by eating a lot?” ...Thonburi Medical Center can solve this problem by Weight Gain program

Underweight probably damages your health directly and it can be the cause of multiple complications such as fatigue, loss of appetite and suffering from constipation. Maintaining body weight between the recommended limits is important for good health, so gaining weight is one of the good choices for people who are skinny but still want to have an amazing body shape with a perfect weight and better health.  

Who should get the weight gain program?

      People who have an underweight (BMI lower than 20)
      People who eat a lot but still cannot gain weight
      People who have a bad appetite
      People who lose too many weight 

The Cause of Underweight

      Thyroid problems, Hyperthyroidism or overactive thyroid which is the cause of losing too much weight.
      Stress and anxiety which make you use too much energy.
      Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) which disturbs a digestive system, so it will make the system work mistakenly and you cannot get enough nutrients.
      Eating misbehavior.
      Genetic background probably makes you have an underweight and skinny body.
      Eating disorder which is an effect of mental health problems such as Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa.

**Underweight treatment program will be chosen thoughtfully following an individual condition. The doctor will diagnose the patient's conditions before deciding to choose a treatment for you properly.

The process of weight gain program
  • Three Main Meals

    Eating three main meals properly and five main food groups included.

  • Fruits and snacks or desserts

    You should grab some fruits and snacks or desserts during the main meals 3 times per a day.

  • Working out

    Gaining weight should keep doing along with working out because this way will help you build-up muscle mass healthier.

  • Weight gain pill

    The pills help to gain weight faster and increase appetites.  

  • Weight gain injection

    You can get the injection every 3 days to help your weight gain faster.

  • Increasing Gonadal Steroid Hormone

    Increasing gonadal steriod hormone involves gaining weight and building-up muscle mass, as follows

        For Males - Increasing hormones for males, they can increase Testosterone for building-up muscle.
        For Females -  Increasing hormones for females, they can increase Estrogen for balancing hormones due to the hormone imbalance problem from being underweight.
  • TMC Body Firming for building-up muscle and tighten the body

    TMC Body Firming is a program which helps to build-up muscle and gain more muscle mass by using electromagnetic waves (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic). People who want to lose weight and gain weight can get this program. There are 7 areas that can use TMC Body Firming to build-up muscle, and they are the upper arms, shoulder, belly, hip/bottom, thighs, calf and pelvis.

What should I do if I want to get the weight gain program?
  • Initial consultation

    You can consult with us before visiting Thonburi medical center. Adding a friend here, LINE Official Account (LINE ID: @tmc.center) and giving your personal weight and your weight gain goal or sending the photo (relating to your health problem) by LINE official account ,then we will give you an initial advice, make an appointment and follow up the result closely following the process.

  • Making an appointment with doctor

    The specialist doctor will diagnose your symptoms and find the best way to take care of your condition/find the way to take care of your condition properly.

  • Following up the result

    When you get the weight gain program, the result will obviously start to work in the first week, your weight will be gaining about 1-2 kilograms and our experienced staffs will follow up your condition closely.

Review - Gain weight program

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**Individual results may vary.**

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Your happiness, our happiness.
As Thonburi Medical Center, we glad to give you a medical advice and we will properly provide you the services with our warm heart.
1.Why do we recommend our weight control program?

As Thonburi Medical Center, we provide a lot of various weight control programs along with using the advanced medical equipment, efficient medicines and various types of lasers.

2.How much does it cost for a weight gain program?

The cost depends on the treatment program which is thoughtful chosen for your conditions. Generally, the cost of weight gain program starts at 3,850 baht per a month.

3.How long does it take for the treatment?

It depends on the patient's age and weight gain goal. The average process of the program can gain about 1-2 kilograms per week. By the way, the result depends on an individual condition.