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Muscle Building and Skin Tightening with TMC Body Firming

Muscle Building and Skin Tightening with TMC Body Firming

“Dissolving fat and gaining more muscle mass with TMC Body Firming Program”
What is TMC Body Firming?

TMC Body Firming uses the technology of High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic, is a new innovation that uses an electromagnetic wave to stimulate muscle contraction in Supramaximal Contraction way which is a better muscle contraction than some types of working out such as; sit-up and squat. The program can burn fat by using electromagnetic waves to stimulate the Subcutaneous Muscle and this program is good for both people who want to lose weight and people who want to gain weight.

Advantages of TMC Body Firming

TMC Body Firming is the process that makes a nerve force muscle working to contract and relax. Muscle contraction is working better than working out, so the muscle which is stimulated by electromagnetic waves will have more muscle mass and stronger muscle. Moreover, when your muscles are working hard, your body fat will be burnt at the same time because muscle working uses a lot of energy and the energy comes from dissolving fat accumulation.

 The result of TMC Body Firming

      Get more firm and stronger muscle
      Build-up six pack, amazing body shape and butt-lifting
      Reduce body fat, gain more muscle mass
      Tighten upper arms and thighs
      Strengthen pelvic floor muscles and maintain sexual dysfunction

Which body parts can get TMC Body Firming?  

There are 7 areas that can use TMC Body Firming to build-up muscle, and they are the upper arms, shoulder, belly, hip/bottom, thighs, calf and pelvis. Each part will take time 30 minutes for getting the treatment.

Belly, Hip, Bottom area

Upper Arms/ Thighs/ Calves area

Pelvis area

Physical Therapy by TMC Body Firming

The TMC Body Firming machine makes a muscle working as same as working out, so this program can solve multiple health problems such as:

      Neck pain, shoulder pain and office syndrome
      Urinary incontinence (for pelvic floor therapy)
      Patients with weakness

Does this treatment hurt?

During the process of TMC Body Firming, you will not get hurt from a machine but you probably feel a contract-relax of muscle working. If you feel like your muscles are contracting too hard, the staff will lower your energy level properly. TMC Body Firming is a safe therapy which gives you only the same as when you were working out and you will not get any wounds from this program at all.

How many times should you get TMC Body Firming?

The TMC Body Firming result is starting to work after the 4th time and the most obvious result will come out at 6th – 8th time. The duration of the result depends on an individual condition. And for the best result, you should keep getting TMC Body Firming for 2 – 3 times per a week as you are exercising.


- New customer, who get TMC Body Firming program for the first time, will get a special price 999 baht per each chosen body parts such as upper arms, belly, butts, thighs and calves (The normal price is 1,990 baht)

- 1-month TMC Body Firming Buffet promotion unlimited for body parts which are shoulders, belly, butts and calves, the special price is 9,999 baht.

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1.Why should you get the hair treatment from TMC?

We provides quality of treatments with the specialist doctors and efficient medical supplies. We have experienced hair treatment for 25 years and we have done more than 10,000 cases.

2.Who can help with the TMC Body Firming program of Thonburi Medical Center?

TMC Body Firming gives you the same result as working out. It is one of the good choice for people who don't like working out or exercising, but still want to have a fit and firm body.