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Meso Fat V-line

Meso Fat V-line

Say goodbye to face fat Meso Fat V-line

Face fat is the top of other facial problems that is bothering many people because it is difficult to get rid of this problem. Exercise can help to lose weight but this way probably cannot help to lose face fat, so Meso Fat V-line Injection is a popular choice in targeting weight loss which can help to lose fat in the facial area. This treatment takes a short time to give a result and you do not need to get surgery or recovery time. Moreover, Meso fat V-line can inject into both facial area and body parts.

What is Meso Fat V-line? Does it work on reducing face fat and body fat?

Meso Fat V-line Injection is fat dissolving injection which is injected into a subcutaneous fat layer to dissolve body fat. Reducing body fat will be expelled through sweat or excretory systems.

Who can get Meso Fat injection?

      People who want to lose cheeks fat
      People who want to get rid of sagging cheeks and double chin
      People who want to lose upper arms, thighs and belly
      People who want to reduce fat in several body parts that cannot be reduced by exercise or diet
      People who want to remove excess fat without getting surgery or getting hurt from Liposuction

What is the difference between Meso Fat injection and Botox injection?

Meso Fat injection is good for people who want to reduce fat in several body parts such as chubby cheeks and double chin, but Botox injection directly affects muscle. Botox injection can shrink muscle to look smaller, so this way is a good choice for people who want to shrink jawline in shape and reduce wrinkles.

These days, there are many procedures that use Meso Fat injection with Botox injection together to make facial muscle and body muscle, which has both muscles and fat, look smaller. By the way, using Botox injection with Meso fat has to be diagnosed by a specialist doctor properly.

How many times should you get Meso Fat injection and how many days will a result come out?

Basically, Meso Fat injection will give an obvious result in 1 – 2 weeks and this way will not affect your daily life. Once you get the injection, fat will be dissolved 10 – 15% and if you want to dissolve more fat you should drink more water, around 2 liters per day. Also, you should reset your eating habits to reduce fat production and fat accumulated through avoiding kinds of foods such as; desserts, fried foods and oily foods, this way will make you dissolve fat better. You can get Meso Fat injection in 2 weeks – 1 month. 

Review – dissolving fat by Meso fat V line injection

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1.Why do we recommend our Meso Fat V-line injection?

We use the advanced medical equipment and the specialist doctors treat all patients regularly so we can make sure that our patients will be safe during getting Meso Fat injection.

2.How many days will a result come out?

After getting Meso Fat injection, fat will be dissolved and the results will come out in 1 – 2 weeks later.

3.Does Meso fat injection have any swelling symptoms and how long will swelling disappear?

A patient probably has swelling symptoms but it will disappear itself in 3–4 hours and there is probably bruise on the injected area but it will fade away in 1 week.